2020 Faith Groups – Scroll down to sign-up!
How do I register?

Scroll down to register for the group of your choice.

If you’d like help with registration, see one of our helpful Guest Services personnel during Saturday worship.

How do I join a Faith Group?

Registration is required, and space is limited. Choose ONLY ONE group and sign up early to claim your spot!

Who should join a Faith Group?

Adults and youth ages 12 and older should participate in a Faith Group.

(Living Faith is not able to organize childcare for each Faith Group. If you need assistance with childcare arrangements in order to participate, talk to your Faith Group facilitator for suggestions.)

Why should I join a Faith Group?

Of the many reasons, here are a few: connecting and serving with fellow disciples; growing together; impacting our city; and having fun!

When do Faith Groups begin and end?

The Spring 2021 session meets from February 1st to May 2nd.

What are Faith Groups?

Faith Groups are an opportunity to discuss, share, and discover a topic of interest.

For 10-12 weeks, 12-20 people meet once a week for roughly 75 minutes. During the quarter, the group also selects and plans one service project and one social activity that they will enjoy together.

At the end of the quarter, Faith Groups are completed and members have the opportunity to join a new group the next quarter.

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